About Assisted Living Homes

What comes next when you or a family member needs (more) home healthcare?

Most people hope they will be able to age-in-place in their homes until they reach the end of their lives. But life has a way of changing those plans. Some people choose to transition from their homes to an independent living community when they can still manage their own apartment and health.

Others choose an assisted living facility (ALF) that can assume responsibility for custodial care such as housekeeping, meals, bathing, dressing, laundry and medication management. Regulated at the state level, ALFs are only able to provide limited health care services often for over 100 residents.

If you or your family member needs around-the-clock care, it may be time to consider moving to a continuous care option like a skilled nursing facility.

But what options do you have when you or your family member has more advanced care needs such as memory care, help with feeding, mobility issues, speech issues or help with oxygen care but not round-the-clock medical care?

The next care option on the health care continuum is assisted living houses, an intermediate level of long-term care.

Assisted Living in a House (that’s not yours)

Assisted living houses are typically large residential houses that have been converted to support assisted living services for a maximum of ten residents. The resident limit is an Arizona law for this type of intermediate long-term care.

People move to assisted living houses when the care they need is greater than what can be provided by family members or larger assisted living communities. The care at assisted living homes is personal, persistent, and professional.

Key aspects of assisted living houses include

  • More care – more caregivers per resident offering personalized care with house visits by nurse practitioners
  • Predictable pricing – One price for custodial care including housekeeping, meals, dressing, bathing, laundry and medicines management
  • Community by design – meals, tv watching and activities are designed to be communal for those who want companionship

Explore our Starfish Care Homes to determine whether they are a fit for you or your family member.